September 4th: Defend a Black Man Brutally Attacked By Armed Police

On 1st of June, Hasani and Asanti Williams, two black men were violently attacked by armed officers in Woolwich while driving home. At no time did the officers identify themselves. Instead they smashed the windows of their car, shot out its tires, and proceeded to beat both men with their guns, causing serious injuries to both brothers. Once out of the car, both Hasani and Asanti were subject to racist abuse and continued and prolonged assault, as well as tasering. At no point had either brother shown any sign resistance or attempt to fight back.

Asanti was taken to hospital and eventually released without charge or any explanation for what had happened. Hasani was arrested and taken to a police station where he was falsely charged with drug possession, for an item that had been planted on him by one of the armed officers. While in the station Hasani was denied a phone-call and surreptitiously refused his right to a lawyer or medical attention. Both men are still dealing with the emotional and physical damage that this racist police attack has inflicted on them and their family.

The police are now attempting to prosecute Hasani for a minor charge of possession, taking him to Crown Court for an offence that would usually result in a caution. This is their desperate attempt to justify the unjustifiable brutality of their attack on these brothers. Hasani’s case is being prosecuted at Woolwich Crown Court. We remember unprovoked police violence towards Jean Charles De Menezes, Mauro Demetrio, Mark Duggan, Ian Tomlinson and many others. We ask that all who are concerned about police brutality join this demonstration.

We demand justice for Hasani and Asanti!

Hasani has asked for people to come to the court from 9 to protest police violence, and offer moral support and friendly faces in the court.

Come to support him at Woolwich Crown Court, next door to HMP Belmarsh, Weston Way, Thamesmead, London, SE28 0EB. Buses to the venue are: 244, 380, 672, 472. 177 is a walking distance away. A map can be found on the following link:

Train stations are: Woolwich Arsenal DLR and Plumstead Rail Station

Facebook event page can be found here.

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