Support Brixton Victim Against Violent Police Racism


Time: Tuesday 8th July, 9:30am

Location: Camberwell Green Magistrates Court

FB Event:

Call out for all against police brutality and racism to support D, a victim of police violence!

On Monday 23rd June 2014, D, a black man from Brixton was assaulted by police officers from the Territorial Support Group and he sustained a cracked rib. The officers jumped out of a van, and claimed they saw him make a drug deal. D states that the officers saw him talk with his Uncle outside McDonalds while he was in his car, but this chance family encounter was found to be sinister in the eyes of the police officers. When D realised that the police were extraordinarily aggressive, he voluntarily put himself on the ground with his hands behind his back expecting to be handcuffed. The officers instead started attacking and kicking him. Rather than questioning and searching him, the police brutalised D and his cousin, and when they didn’t find any drugs they charged him with “assaulting a police officer”. D spent almost 24 hours in a cell while suffering from cracked ribs.

D is facing a hearing about this spurious charge on Tuesday at Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court, he would appreciate as much support as he can get.

D’s case is yet another example of racist police violence in South London. The London Campaign Against Police & State Violence aims to make the Metropolitan Police accountable for these abuses of power and offers support to victims of police violence. If you saw what happened, want to help or want more information, contact LCAPSV@GMAIL.COM

Previous examples of police brutality in Brixton:

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