Tonight: Urgent request for Legal Observers at Westfield



This is an urgent request made by London Campaign against Police & State Violence on behalf of London Black Revolutionaries.

Tonight there will be a solidarity die-in in the Shepherd’s Bush area, LBR has been notified that there will be a police presence and in anticipation of that, we are asking for people to volunteer as Legal Observers for the “die-in” demonstration.

This will mean that you will not participate in the “die-in” but instead be there to observe the actions of the police and document them for future use. If you have had no experience doing this but have received training then you will be paired up with an experienced observer. We are working with Green & Black Cross Legal to coordinate the legal observing for this event.

All those who are interested and are trained legal observers (via GBC Legal or Legal Defence & Monitoring Group) must email GBCLEGAL (at) RISEUP (dot) NET using “die-in LO” in the subject header and give a contact name (this does not have to be your real name) and a phone number in the email.

Thank you for your support and see you on the streets