Support an African woman in court who was wrongfully imprisoned



Date: Tuesday, 9th December 2014
Time: 9.00AM
Venue: City of London Magistrates Court,  1 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4N 4XY

Facebook event:

Tube station: Bank
Bus routes are: 8, 11, 21, 23, 25, 26, 43, 76, 133, 141, 242, 388, 4, 56, 172

This has been written by “A” herself 


Please join me and other campaigners on the picket line at the court house which is at the corner of Queen Victoria Street and Walbrook Street Outside exit 8 of Bank underground station.

My case could not be concluded on 31st July 2014 because the police did not produce the specific material they were asked to. So they were ordered again to produce this material so that the case can be heard on Thursday, 14th August 2014. Yet again on 14th August the case was not heard as only part of the ‘ordered’ information was produced; and so I am back in court on Tuesday, 9th December and I really, really would like you to come out and support me. As you can imagine (and the many who turned up to support me will know) this is a very stressful matter for me. Knowing that others care and seeing you there on the day helps to keep me strong.*

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 9th December.


I was protesting peacefully outside Downing Street for a month during winter 2013 and into 2014 with an art placard about racism and Institutional racism and the impact of this on Black women and families.

The police arrested me there on 6th January 2014.

I was refused a solicitor. I was refused any call to family or friends. I was locked up and hidden from the world for four complete days. I was brutalised and attacked and falsely imprisoned by Police officers. I went on hunger strike and refused their water or food for the four days. They denied me the right to contact the Consulate/ Embassy for support. I believe that any English person arrested abroad or any other white citizen is never treated in this appalling and inhumane way, and that they would be able to contact their Embassy right away. I am an Afrikan woman, a mother, a qualified teacher and I am determined to fight for my rights.

The Metropolitan police officers accused me of refusing to leave Downing Street; of being inside a car and of trying to break some doors outside Downing Street corridor. So the racist police sent me to jail and molested and assaulted me. And standing up for my rights and fighting for justice to them meant that I was mad and they wanted to commit me to a psychiatric institution. It is pertinent to say that I do not own any car and I have never in my life driven inside any car in Downing Street. This experience has traumatised me and has shown me that nationality, education, religion etc doesn’t matter when you are African and there is nothing in place to protect you.

I am asking you please come to our campaign demonstration outside City Magistrates Court; and also explore how we can organize ourselves pacifically and rally together to fight against ‘Institutional Racism’ and its inhumane practices.