Grant Nigerian Lesbian Aderonke Asylum Now | Court solidarity 3 March 2015


This is a call out for court solidarity at a judicial review hearing for asylum for Aderonke Apata, a human rights and LGBT rights activist from Nigeria who would be seriously at risk if deported to Nigeria. We are joining a long list of other organisations in demanding #AsylumforAderonke.


When: Tuesday 3 March

Where: Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, WC2A 2LL. Meet at the main massive court arches on the Strand, by the zebra crossing (

What time: Meet at 8:30am at the court, although you’re still welcome if you can only come later in the day!


  • Share the Facebook event, and invite your friends!
  • Bring PLACARDS AND SIGNS about Aderonke’s case. You can use the ones Aderonke made (at…), or make your own! Aderonke’s suggested a few phrases you may want to use: Asylum for Aderonke Now; Grant Nigerian Lesbian Aderonke Asylum Now; Aderonke, LGBT Positive Role Model Must Stay; Aderonke, Human Rights Activist Must Stay.
  • Bring RAINBOW FLAGS if you have them. This is a specific request from Aderonke! If not, we have rainbow badges!

Important: Aderonke has also asked that we do not chant outside the court or cause any hassle inside the court because she doesn’t want to annoy the court and affect her case.

About Aderonke

Aderonke, as part of her determined campaigning on LGBT issues and more. Feminist and human right activist, Aderonke is a Nigerian-born out and proud lesbian seeking asylum in the UK. She fled torture and the threat of death for being a lesbian in Nigeria, and has proved to be an unstoppable force in fighting for justice. In spite of terrible violence and human rights violations, Aderonke has chosen to stand up not only for herself, but for others who have experienced injustice.

Aderonke grew up in Nigeria where being gay or transgender is illegal. Aderonke was arrested, tortured and extorted by the Nigerian Police and forced to endure the murder of three members of her family and girlfriend. When sentenced to death by a Nigerian Sharia court, Aderonke had no other choice than to flee to the UK and seek asylum.

Aderonke has garnered almost 320,000 signatures online for her personal campaign to remain in the UK because she is a lesbian from Nigeria who is open, out and proud. Setting an example through this struggle fighting for her own freedom to stay here in the UK, she fights tirelessly for other people’s freedom too and continue to challenge the government and legal system that penalises the many LGBT refugees seeking asylum in the UK.

Please sign Aderonke’s petition.

Other groups supporting this call out:

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