Police Complaints Clinic – Launch 25th August 2016

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Lots of people in London have had bad experiences with the police. Last year nearly seven thousand complaints were made. Many more don’t complain because they don’t know how to go about it, or feel that it won’t amount to anything. That’s not good enough. That’s why we’ve set up the police complaints clinic, a service to guide local people through the police complaints process, and make sure that their voice is heard, leading to real change. Making a complaint can be frustrating and difficult, but it gets a lot easier with the support of our expert volunteers.

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The police complaints clinic has been set up by the London Campaign Against Police and State Violence, and Stop-Watch. We think the police should be held to account when they mistreat and abuse people. Making a complaint about their behaviour when they step out of line is part of this. We can’t take care of your complaint for you, but between us our volunteers have lots of experience of handling police complaints, so we can guide you through making a complaint step by step. We’ll be with you all the way.

The service is completely free!

email: slondon.surgery@gmail.com

Last Thursday of

every month 6-8pm

25th August

29th September

27th October

24th November

29th December

26th January


81 Lothian Road

(corner of

Patmos Road

near Myatt’s Fields)


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