Policing COVID-19 Posters

LCAPSV has been working with groups such as NETPOL, Northern Police Monitoring Project, Stopwatch, The Monitoring Group and Take Back the Power to put together a range of resources for community groups that are concerned about the disproportionate impact of new police powers introduced to respond to coronavirus.

As groups that support those disproportionately impacted by police and state violence, we are concerned about the uneven impact felt in the implementation of these powers. We are concerned at police forces overextending their powers during a public health crisis, which we have already seen evidence of in a number of reports from across Britain over the last few weeks. We do not believe that a proportionate and sensible response to a public health crisis requires increased punitive policing measures, particularly when their effects are most felt by working class, BME and migrant communities. We have prepared some poster and leaflet resources for groups to print out and put up in their local area. These posters explain that there are many reasons why people may be outside and that calling the police on your neighbours can put them at greater risk of harm. The details for groups that people can contact for support around police misconduct are included.

We are in the process of launching online ‘know your rights’ workshops on the new police powers for those affected, as well as additional support and advocacy resources which we will be sharing soon.

If you require any further information, please e-mail lcapsv@gmail.com

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Let’s look out for each other

Please think carefully before calling the police during this lockdown, particularly on young or vulnerable people.

There are many reasons why people may be outside, including those beyond their control:

They have to go to work.
Home is not always a safe for everyone
People from the same household are out together
People are delivering items for vulnerable people

All of these people, and others  may NEED, or have NO CHOICE, but to be outside and can be HARMED if you call the police.

Please look out for your family, friends, neighbours and wider community – especially in these  difficult times.

If you are concerned about police behaviour you have seen, please contact:

NetPol – info@netpol.org – Twitter: @netpol

The Monitoring Group – office@tmg-uk.org – Twitter: @MonitoringGroup

StopWatch – info@stop-watch.org – Twitter: @StopWatchUK
LCAPSV – lcapsv@gmail.com – Twitter @lcapsv