Video from Saturday’s march to end deaths in custody

video from @OccupiedTimes

Extract from opening speech by Minkah Adofo of United Families and Friends Campaign:

“We are here today, at a very minimum, to say that these people, our loved ones, did not die in vain. Second, we are here today to say to the British government that we want justice. And third, we are here to recognise that these killings are not just about isolated officers… they are backed up by the state.

We want everyone to know this is not just an issue that affects the Black community, although we are disproportionately represented… In fact, the majority of the people killed in custody are actually white.

It’s important that you support the campaign, because an important question is raised over these killings, and the question is – what kind of society do we want to live in? It seems very clear to us, that we are living under a police state. Because when the police, and the various agencies of the state can go out and commit these brutal murders and get away with it, it means that none of us are safe.”

Also featured in the video:

  • Marcia Rigg, sister of Sean Rigg
  • Carole Duggan, aunt of Mark Duggan
  • Myrna Simpson, mother of Joy Gardner
  • Ajibola Lewis, mother of Seni Lewis

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