Saturday: #Brixton2Ferguson Meeting

Saturday 24 January, 5pm to 8pm
Karibu Education Centre, 7 Gresham Road, London SW9 7PH

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Black lives matter. Black lives should have mattered before they were gunned down or choked to death, both to the officers charged with protecting and serving them and to a judicial system that has exposed itself as involved in a deadly chokehold of its own.

– Reverend Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou

Speakers: Reverend Sekou, Marcia Rigg (Sean Rigg Justice & Change Campaign), Lee Lawrence (son of Cherry Groce), Carole Duggan (Justice for Mark Duggan), Wail Qasim (Defend the Right to Protest), London Campaign Against Police & State Violence.

The London Campaign Against Police and State Violence is supporting the United Families and Friends Campaign efforts along with others to conduct a national Ferguson Solidarity Tour to help build links with other campaigns against racialised state violence and murder.

The speaker from Ferguson, Missouri the place where the #BlackLivesMatter movement started is Reverend Sekou. We believe that his contribution to the discussion of resisting and organising against state racialised violence will be important for many to hear.

Our speaker will be share the platform in this rare and necessary event organised by Defend the Right to Protest and many others.

We are aware of that the London Black Revolutionaries have pulled out of the tour which is regrettable and we wish it could have been avoided. However their concerns about the issue of black democratic leadership in this movement is something that we share and will monitor this issue closely.

Our solidarity for those who continue survive or have lost loved ones to racialised state violence endures beyond these meetings, and our police station or court support, it will endure and continue to live when we come together on the street.

Whether in Westfield or Brixton, New York or Ferguson, Burkina Faso or Nigeria, Black Lives Matter.