Fruitvale Film Club -Sunday 29th May – Young Soul Rebels


The London Campaign Against Police and State Violence put on a monthly free film screening at “The Field” in New Cross, to provide a space where it is possible to enjoy an interesting movie but also to share and discuss experiences of violence, objectification, oppression and harassment. This could include intrusions such as constant stop and search, or physical violence, or the everyday stress of being made to feel you somehow have to account for yourself and your experiences of racism. We’re now back from our Easter break and we’ve planned a great line-up of Black British films for the spring and summer months.

For our May screening we will be showing Isaac Julien’s 1991 feature film Young Soul Rebels on Sunday 29th May . For background on the film, see the following quote from Julien: ‘The real starting point for Young Soul Rebels was the desire to make a film about 1977. That year was so important because on the one hand you had the incredible chauvinism of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and on the other there were powerful counter narratives that outlined new kinds of national possibilities. Now everybody knows about the one called “punk”, which was at its height in 1977 and which was a very obvious opposition. But there was another counter narrative, much disdained by the Left, which was the growth of a black popular culture particularly in terms of disco music – soul music.’

Fruitvale Film Club takes place at “The Field” in New Cross on the last Sunday of every month at 3pm and will last a few hours. We’ve shown a diverse range of films so far (Fruitvale Station, Pressure, Candyman, Poetic Justice and the anti-psychiatric abuse documentary Whose Mind is it Anyway – John’s Story). Anyone is welcome at our events and anyone is welcome to suggest future films for us to show and discuss.